Stolen Trash Bag! OH MY!

Just a regular morning. Nothing unusual about it. Nothing until Bill goes out to get in our car to discover it was unlocked and someone had been in it! Now we don’t keep a lot in the vehicle; it’s a corvette so there’s not a whole lot of room anyways. But still…..

Looking around to see if anything was missing, he saw a few items that had been moved around, but nothing missing. Nothing, that is, until he noticed… the blank space. The space where IT used to be! My handmade Vehicle Trash Bag!!! GASP!


Of all the things to take they chose our very own handmade bag!! How great is that!?! They are pretty amazing if I must say so myself. The one thing in our car worth taking.

My suggestion to you? Get one of these cool bags for your car or truck! Oh yeah, and LOCK YOUR DOORS!!

P.S. I made a new one <3



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